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Opus feat. Reinhold Bilgeri - "Desperado


Today we release the first single from our live album "The Last Note", which will be released on 25.03.2022!

We have known Reinhold Bilgeri since the late seventies: back then we organised the Austria Rock Festival in Pinkafeld and his band Clockwork was one of the first bands we invited for a concert. The long-haired rockers from Vorarlberg drove up in a white stretch limo on the gravel of the Martinihalle and delivered a gig with an excellent West Coast sound.

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Opus feat. Reinhold Bilgeri - "Desperado
Seen in this light, the new Opus single is like a DeJaVu, and not only stylistically: "Desperado", the Eagles hit from 1973 is just as old as Opus itself, and now spans the arc to our very last concert at the Graz Opera, where Reinhold sang this touching ballad together with Herwig as a duet. This unique version, supported by Christian Kolonovits and the Opuspocus Orchestra, is the first forerunner to the live album "The Last Note".
Opus feat. Reinhold Bilgeri - "Desperado

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