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Herwig Rüdisser


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Born on 8. 11. 1956 in Glödnitz, Austria.

With eight years piano lessons in Klagenfurt.

First attempts on the guitar at the age of ten.

1972 Winner of the Carinthian band competition "HELP" with the band GFS.

Training as typesetter - graphic designer. Relocation to Graz.

Singer with the Graz band Daily Gift.

Since 1978 singer with Opus.

1980 First studio album of Opus (Daydreams)

1984/85 Opus live album "Live is Life".

Touneen in Europe, Asia, USA and South America.

As a singer in the studio for various productions (Falco, Gerd Steinbäcker etc.)

13 studio albums with Opus.

Lives in Graz.

Ewald "Sunny" Pfleger


Star sign: Taurus

Born 1955 in Ollersdorf (Burgenland)

Lives since 1978 with his wife Andrea and son Paul in Graz
Elementary school in Ollersdorf, grammar school in Wr. Neustadt
Accordion lessons at the age of 11 - the first guitar at 12
Founds the first band "Smiling" at 13

1969 - 1973 Piano lessons
1973 - 1978 University of Vienna (Geography & History)
1973 Foundation of OPUS

1981 breakthrough with "Eleven" + "Flyin High" - main-songwriter of the group

Produces various artists, with "KGB" two no. 1 hits

1985 success story with "Live Is Life", composed by Ewald Pfleger
Opus all around the world

1993 Opening of the new Recorder Music Studio,
Produces various Austrian artists

2007 recordings for the first solo album "Skyland" with many Austrian musicians and friends

autumn 2008 release parties for the album "Skyland" - Ewald "Sunny" Pfleger & Friends

2016 Release of the second solo album "Time Flies..."

Hobbies: fishing, reading, skating, cycling

ewald "sunny" pfleger

Kurt René Plisnier


kurt rené plisnier

1957 - Born in the fire-cock year as Aquarius / Ascendant Cancer in Güssing

1963 - First piano lessons at the music school in Stegersbach

1972 - First band (OPUS predecessor) with Walter Bachkönig

1975 - Matura at BRG Fürstenfeld - Piano studies at the University of Music in Graz (4 years classical music, 1 year jazz)

1982 - Civil service in Graz

1995 - Hypergnostics in Nijmegen

1996 - Buddhist Refuge

1997-2001 - Philosophy studies at the KF University Graz

Günter Grasmuck


Born on 21 July 1957 in Fürstenfeld.
After graduating from high school he studied at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz (

Member of Opus since 1974.
Active as studio musician in various Austrian productions.

Cooperation with STS and EAV.
Live musicians from Toni O`Malley (GB).

Since 1990 member of STUDIO PERCUSSION graz.

Numerous CD productions, concerts at home and abroad like:

World Drum Festival Seoul 2000
Vienna International Percussion Festival 2001
Ars Electronica Linz 2003
Journees de la Percussion Paris, 2003
Berliner Festspiele 2004,

Touneen in Turkey and Greece

Drummer with local club bands like THE RUSTY NAILS, BELLVANA,

1992 - 2009 teacher at the STUDIO PERCUSSION graz drum school.

Since 1995 teacher at the music and art school Deutschlandsberg.

1998 - 2001 Lecturer at the BACH PERCUSSION SEMINAR in Groznjan (HR)

2003 and 2004 teacher at the rock workshop Bildein (South Burgenland).

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