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New single "So Simple" from Schick Sisters & Opus Band Project!


Schick Sisters & The Opus Band - 'So Simple'

Sometimes it can be so simple.

'So Simple', is the name of the new song by the Schick Sisters and Opus, which celebrates life, love and lightness, and takes you on a musical journey - 'Uno, due ...', and suddenly you're in Rome, on a sunny weekend, strolling between cafes and bars, and of course without the slightest inkling that the unexpected moments are often the most beautiful. It doesn't take much to fall in love: "It has to do with the ease of enjoying the moment and being able to take that moment with you," say Christine, Katharina and Veronika, who have been raving about Italy since childhood. For the sisters, the idea of simply heading south has something magically spontaneous about it and exudes a special feeling of freedom. Dolce Vita' needs neither luxury nor opulent cuisine. At the most a good cafe.

Musically one concentrated thereby also on the substantial, with the singing melody as travel guidance after belly feeling - without much detour and Schnörkel, in the middle in the happening! The band members of Opus have probably already gained enough touring experience to be distracted by unnecessary detours. With the composition from the pen of Ewald Pfleger the cooperation with the Schick Sisters works on an inspiring lightness, which gives so much joy to all involved, that the band is currently much busier than one would have imagined for the time after the Opus stage farewell. It can be that easy.

'So Simple' will be released as a single on Sisters Records on March 17, and to mark the occasion they've set their sights on nothing more than a joint trip to Rome that same weekend: This time, however, not to the Pope, but rather a little off the beaten track and spontaneous: "Maybe we'll take a camera and shoot a video together, maybe we'll play a little club concert...."

'So Simple' ISRC ATDZ92300301
'So Simple (Caffè Corretto Version)' ISRC ATDZ92300302

Label: Sisters Records
Lyrics: Ewald Pfleger, Katharina Schicho, Veronika Schicho
Music: Ewald Pfleger
Publisher: Skyland Songs / edition sisters music