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New Opus single "Hands In The Air"- live


'Put your hands in the air and get your feet right off the ground', Opus sing in their new single 'Hands In The Air', and with that they don't give off a bit of farewell melancholy.

Recorded during the very last concert at the Graz Opera House, the song exhilarates with concentrated energy and once again celebrates the interaction between band and audience - a symbiosis that has taken on a special significance in Opus' almost five-decade career: Experiencing music together is a magical catalyst. And so the contagious joie de vivre of Opus will probably continue to inspire even after their stage farewell...

An echo whose first impulses lead back to Stegersbach in Burgenland in 1973, and which, almost 50 years later, earned the band members the Golden Decoration of Honour for Services to the Republic of Austria...

On Tuesday, 7 June, the 4 Opuses were presented with this high award of the Republic of Austria by Governor Schützenhöfer in the venerable auditorium of the Old University of Graz.

Opus - "Hands In The Air
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