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A really nice present!
Relentlessly contemplative! Relentlessly beautiful! Relentlessly touching!
You will weep senselessly with contemplation. You will be moved with emotion. You will need many handkerchiefs. You've never been so close, so heart-wrenching, so unadorned, so cheap and so quick to leave all your damn Christmas stress behind. For one evening, you can put last year's madness in the corner. Here you can fill up on happiness, punch and love. Sink into the incense for an evening.
With benign and malicious lyrics by the "high" Mr. Uli Brée, without typical Christmas songs, but relaxed own music, heavenly interpreted by Ewald Pfleger (acoustic guitar, vocals), Paul Pfleger (keyboards, vocals) & Kurt Gober (handpans, percussion, vocals).
Bis dass uns der Kopf weihraucht...

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