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On 11.11.2020 our new but final OPUS MAGNUM will be released. With our 16th work, a creative future outlook on the one hand and a history review connected with many emotional memories on the other hand, we want to say goodbye to the Rock & Pop album scene after 40 years (our first album "Daydreams" was released in 1980)!

Also some TV events for this year are fixed:
11.11. Guten Morgen Österreich ORF 2
20.11. "VERA" 21h20 ORF 2
10.12. Opus & Friends & Orchestra
" Tonight At The Opera 2019" 22h50 ORF III

With the OPUS GOODBYE TOUR (not yet complete, more concerts are planned) in the last OPUS year 2021, we want to celebrate the farewell after almost five decades with some of our colleagues, our friends and fans:

18.06.2021 Openair Judendorf, Hauptplatz
27.06.2021 Openair Fürstenfeld, Hauptplatz
17.07.2021 Wels Stadtfest
13.08.2021 Bildein, "Picture On" Festival
20.08.2021 Wiesen Openairfestival
21.08.2021 Burg Gallenstein Steiermark
25.09.2021 TV Starnacht Wachau
07.11.2021 Bregenz, Festspielhaus
08.11.2021 Salzburg, Festspielhaus
09.11.2021 Linz, Brucknerhaus
10.11.2021 Innsbruck, Dogana
16.12.2021 Vienna Stadthalle F
20.12.2021 Opus & Friends & Orchestra, Opera Graz
21.12.2021 Opus & Friends & Orchestra, Opera Graz

Advance ticket sales start on Friday, 4 December 2020, 9h. Due to Corona, we can only offer a part of the available seats for the time being, the sale of the second half may take place next year!