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When Charly Comes Home

composer/author: Gruber/Opus

Lyrics: Gruber N. Music:Opus, published by Opus Music Edition

He was not very rich &
he was not very poor
Had enough to be tough
but you could never be
How he would feel and react
to show thwm respect
As jack-of-all trades he was
dealing with blades
Not too lazy to fight and not
ashamed to be right
His face grew green and red
When he was getting mad
When Charly comes home
We'll never be alone
So call him straight on
Let's ring up his phone
Tell him to come right home,
Charlie come home!
When Charly...
Nature's alive was what he said
to his wife
She was petting the cats
While he was killing the rats
Milking the cows
Not far from theit house
" All nature is dead? " he said
and then shook his head
No matter he said, it can be
never so bad
We'll work it all out -
Check it all out
When Charly comes home...