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Struggles For Gold

Composer/Author: E.Pfleger / E.Pfleger

Lyrics: Pfleger Music: Pfleger Publishing by Edition Soundmill / Indra

All the girls and boys are looking for it
All the people are doing it
All women and men are wishin' more
the struggle for gold is a hit
Many people lose their real life for gold
Most of them are blinded by the light
Many people find that their life is cold
They are too greedy all the time
The struggles for gold at any price
Are sick and wrong as lies
World you should be wise
Everybody tries to get more and more
# Everybody tries to be the best
# Everybody tries to push down the otherone
Everybody wants more money than the rest
Somebody also tries to get more and more
And so he tries to make a hit
He forgets what he's been doing before
And so h lives the lies if they are made
Music for gold at any price
Is not the way that we would like
Is not the Opus - Pocus view of life
But struggling for gold won't let (op)us grow old
'Cause I will never fighting for gold makes everything colda