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Schick Sisters & Opus Band

We Are One

So Simple

Composer/Author: Music: Ewald Pfleger / Lyrics: Ewald Pfleger, Katharina Schick, Veronika Schick

On a sunny weekend in Rome
It feels so good to be on my own
By day from spot to spot
And by night in the bars getting very hot

In a crowded club where I stand On stage an Italian band
On guitar a cute roman guy
I watch him, I catch him, eye to eye

It is
So simple
So simple
So simple
To fall in love
It is
So simple
So so simple
To smile is making you laugh

I approach him while he's on break
I try not to make a mistake
He is searching for someone to catch
Could we really be the perfect match

My heart leaves me no choice
"Piacere", I hear my voice
Before I told him my name
I touch him, kiss him, he did the same

It is
So simple ...

I leave my dreams back at the hotel
I leave my lover as well
And in front of St. Peter's Dome
I won't forget you, my dear Rome