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(Have You Seen) My Blue Suede Shoes

Composer/Author: K.Plisnier / K.Plisnier

Lyrics: Plisnier Music: Plisnier Publishing by Edition Soundmill / Indra

When I was a little boy, so much younger than today
I met some friends, who showed me how to play
Thar crazy little thing called Rock n' Roll
It must have been stormy monday
Cause it hit me like a flash
Like a thunder in my head, it took possession of my soul
# Tutti frutti all rooty sweet little sixteen
Mary oh Mary I feelin' so good
And I'm not lonesome, cause I really have the blues
I have got some blue suede shoes, they were a gift from an old man
Beginning now I will live the blues and I'll try to do 'em - the best I can!
Some years after, on a Saturday night
I had play a gig at Johnny's disco
The guys said to me: "Boy, you'd better rake your chance
And then we're gonna make you play in San Francisco town!"
The lights turned on, the show should start, people were gazing at me
But damned at all, there was something wrong, and I couldn't find the right key
Have you seen my blue suede shoes,
Have I lost them outdoor
Tell me, tell me where I've got my blues
I just can't find 'em anymore!
There was a ringing in my head
And I removed my old make - up
I have found my blues sued shoes
They've been hidden in my inside
So thanks to heaven that I've got back my blues
And I will never lose 'em, lose 'em again!