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Schick Sisters & Opus Band

We Are One

Better Together

Composer/Author: Music: Ewald Pfleger / Lyrics: Ewald Pfleger, Katharina Schick, Paul Pfleger

It's so much better
Better together
I'm so glad having you by my side - I want you to stay
It's so much better
Better together
I feel our life is a miracle every day

How could I know that my life would be empty
Having candlelight dinners alone
Your favourite dish is only half as good on your own
So come on over for laughter and breakfast
And stay around for tears and good night
Dancing and drinking and smoking and joking
And fooling around till the morning light

It's so much better ...

I always felt that I was in a hurry -
And I never wanted someone to stay
I must have been mad at myself to feel this way
I never told you all of my worries,
I'd rather deal with my troubles alone
As far as I could see I had no idea of your
Company and sympathy and all that was to come...

It's so much better ...

We are one I know it, so simple when you're here,
We can change the world together hold on I need you near
My caressing lover come on and hold my hand
It's so much, so much better, it's so much better,
Better together
Better together