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Angie*) (Released as single in 1983)

Composer/Author: Opus / E.Pfleger

Lyrics: Pfleger Music: Opus Publishing by Edition Soundmill / Indra

I'm thinking of you you're so nice all the time
you're so kind - all the time you make me blind all the time
I'm looking at you you're so straight on your line
you're so great on your line I'm looking up to your line
you ever give me thr things that I need

Angie you can change me
you know you can do everything with me
Angie you rearrange me
you do Hanky Panky with me - show me the key

I'm dreaming of you you've been the angel of mine
the only girl of mine - the greatest love of mine
I'm searching for you - I have lost you sometime
you flew away the last time - don't know what to do all the time
you ever gave me the things that I need

Angie you've changed me
you know you could do everything with me
Angie you rearranged me
you did Hanky Panky with me and I lost the key