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Recording a song together - that was the original idea of Christine, Katharina, Veronika, Ewald, Günter Kurt & Erich: Three sisters who have been making music together since early childhood and four members of 'Opus' who decided in 2021 to celebrate their stage farewell as a band after almost five decades.

It should not remain with one song, because the joint work in the studio turned out to be so fruitful for all participants that the decision to record an album did not have to be made at all.

WE ARE ONE' is a record from one cast. Composed, recorded and produced by artists in different phases of life and inspired by different zeitgeist. Thereby the connecting, the cohesion and the common bridge building is probably more than just a common thread. In fact, together we are much, much more than just the sum of the individual musical performances. The proverbial 'swinging on the same wavelength' and the mutual musical understanding have quickly disturbed any idyll of retirement in the Opus Band in the most productive way and provided the impetus for completely new musical colors. Not only the voices of the three sisters are decisive for this, but also their musical handwriting and joy of playing as instrumentalists; the direct interaction in the studio is a decisive creative element.

'WE ARE ONE' will be released on Sisters Records on September 15 and offers a surprising range of arrangements between intimacy and playfulness. In addition to orchestrated pieces, including a song for International Women's Day 'We Are' (with arrangement by Christian Kolonovits), there is also a guest performance by Opus singer Herwig Rüdisser. The artwork for the album is based on the 'Paradiso' trilogy of works by the exceptional Austrian painter Ernst Fuchs - the release came from his son & rights manager Tillmann Fuchs and the Ernst Fuchs Museum - and will also be available in an exclusive vinyl edition.

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WE ARE ONE' an album as a common creative hub: This has also been so well received at Vienna Airport that the title 'Welcome To Vienna' is being used as the new airport song and a party is being held at the airport for the record presentation on September 18, with a first live taster for the joint tour in the fall:


Label: Sisters Records
Publisher: Skyland Songs / edition sisters music

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