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The final album

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With our 16th work, a creative future outlook on the one hand and a history review connected with many emotional memories on the other hand, we want to say goodbye to the rock & pop album scene after 40 years (our first album "Daydreams" was released in 1980):

OPUS MAGNUM! There are three physical versions of this work:

  • Double CD with 11 history and 11 future songs, which
  • Limited fan box with double CD, vinyl, DVD, elaborate booklet, poster, numbered & signed by the band and the
  • Limited Fanbox Deluxe with additional Opusphere calendar, the "Live Is Life" gold single and a surprise.
    The latter is already sold out.

Unfortunately, there are delays in the delivery of the 1111 fanboxes due to Corona, which are not within our range.

The digital publication on all common portals includes the Future-Songs!

sphere opusphere
sphere welcome to the


The air that we breathe
The sound that we hear
Come on in the opusphere

The magic you feel
The colours you see
Opusphere the space to be