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OPUS single as soundtrack for Mars mission


Opus - 'Fake Or True'

New song as Mars music

The Austrian pop veterans have heralded the final chapter of their band career with their 'Opus Magnum'; the farewell tour is planned and the last album is peppered with loving notes and unreleased tidbits from the band's history as a fan box including long-playing record, CD and DVD.

The new Magnum single 'Fake Or True', however, is now to rise even higher than all the records before: as a physical one-off, a 7" platinum record of the song is to be sent to Mars as part of a future ESA mission, to be made accessible to extraterrestrial life forms from there, along the lines of "Voyager Golden Record", together with a playback device. For the B side, they've settled on 'Live Is Life' "to remind us of the energy and joy of live concerts," according to the band, who want to spread their infectious enthusiasm for it to more than just our planet.

The brand new unique record will be presented by the band together with the Austrian "Mars One Astronaut" candidate Günther Golob (photo).