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New single "We Made It


On this Opus promotion day on 9.9. the accompanying music video (made by Johann Steinegger for www.postlfilm.at) - partly recorded live in the Festival Arena Wiesen with the dancers from ConnyDado.at - will also be released, and in the evening on ORF 1, 22h10 the Amadeus for Lifetime Achievement will be presented to Opus

OPUS - 'We Made It'

"Yes we're gonna make it", Herwig Rüdisser sings in 1981 as Ad-lib with a prophetic note in the last chorus of 'Flying High': A song as a future fixed star in the repertoire of the young band ... 40 years, another 14 albums and several joint circumnavigations of the world later, Opus releases the single 'We Made It' in 2021: A song that spans a wide arc inspired by a worldwide pandemic and sums up the story of a band that is suddenly sent into lockdown in the final spurt of their joint career...

And especially in a situation like this, it is more important than ever to sing about a vision and to be able to imagine what it will be like when all the madness is behind you at some point - off to new shores! This applies to overcoming a pandemic just as much as to the last tour together as a band, looking back on an indescribable journey with undreamt-of flights of fancy.

Herwig could not have dreamed of the coming 39 years in 1982 in anything like the same way; and the pandemic is admittedly not yet over... but the positive & hopeful aura of this song has perhaps become a bit more important in 2021: 

"We did it! We did it!" 

Turning a vision into reality is not a matter of course, that is clear. It takes some consistency, hard work and patience. The perseverance to live the vision of a common band for more than 48 years has given the members of Opus an incomparable history with irretrievable moments, and will be honoured this year with the Amadeus Award for Lifetime Achievement.

OPUS - 'We Made It

Opuspocus Records ATX142100002

EAN 9008798424535 

Release Single 09.09.2021

Release music video 09.09.2021