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The Opusition

Komponist/Autor: Opus / E.Pfleger

Lyrics: Pfleger Music: Opus Publishing by Edition Soundmill / Indra

My name is doctor vision I´m the leader of the Opusition
I made a great invention it´s the new Optimism-Pill
all I have is my intention that´s the saving of the nation
with the Opusition’s Optimism Operation
Losing the tradition by the founding of the party
finding suppositions for new fellows to come in
only optimism the definition and explanation
of the Opusition’s Optimism Operation

The Opusition seems like a vision
the Optimism-Pill will change your mind
the Opusition no superstition
vote the Opusition the best you can find

Holding my position behind the window of the wall
watching the oppression of the world the ruined ball
knowing my possession the great sensation of the nation
it´s the Opusition’s Optimism Operation
Dreaming of a vision on the pillow till I fall
thinking on my mission the meaning of the call
feeling the progression congratulation no imagination
it´s the Opusition’s Optimism Operation

The Opusition seems like a vision…

My name is doctor vision…

The Opusition makes you feel better
the Optimism-Pill keeps you always kind
the Opusition makes sunny weather