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The Beast In Us

Komponist/Autor: Gruber/Opus

Lyrics: Gruber N. Music: Opus, publishing by Opus Music Edition

I see –
See you all around
I hear –
Hear you all the time
I feel –
Feel you´re ev´rywhere
What is it –
Is it all about?

Here she comes – Here she goes
And you know what you know
It´s the beast in us

You react – by instinct
All you know
It´s the beast in us

Wild beast
Roaming all about
Mindless –
Dullness ev´rywhere
Helpless –
Lookin´ round
If she wants to get
What she wants to get

Here she comes…

I´ll will
Comin´out of you
Too much time for
A crime or two
I don´t know you
You don´t know me
For a while
No smile – at all