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Sunny The Hero

Komponist/Autor: K.Plisnier / K.Plisnier

Lyrics: Plisnier Music: Plisnier Publishing by Edition Soundmill / Indra

In the year of 99 – when the big star war started
Lived a guy aged 21 – ev´rybody called him Sunny
Came a letter that told him to go – told hom ´go to the frontline´
This was what he had been waiting for so long
Made him proud and feel so fine:
Listen Ma, listen Dad:
´I´ll become a man, yes a real man´-
( He´ll become a man, yes a real man)
I will leave, leave you for fighting
And I hope that you wish me well
When I return I will be a hero!
Sunny was the best among them all – killed a lot of people
All the bross wre so proud of him – he got a pretty golden medal
But one day he met another hero – that one kept even cooler
Sunny tumbled down, couldn´t believe it – seargant wrote a letter:
Misses Ma, Mister Dad:
Your son became a man, a real man
( He became a man, yea a real man)
Congratulations to your brave son
He´s been fightin´ so well
He won´t return, but he became a hero