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Magical Touch

Pictures All Around Me

Komponist/Autor: Plisnier/Opus

Lyrics: Plisnier K. Music: Opus, published by Opus Music Edition

Early morning dawning
– Just a shimmer of the
My mind is in confusion
– My eyes are on the run
Was it a dream or real – All
that haunting in the night
Trying to get closer – Trying to
get tight
Mysterious sounds of passion –
The noise of torture in my ear
I hear it in the silence – I hear
it all so near
The smell of youth and chances
– The stink of hate and destiny
The odour of desire – It´s all so
real for me
Pictures all around me – Signs
of yesterday
Calls of strange emotions are
so intimate yet far away
Pictures all around me –
Memories of the past
Feelings of forgotten times – In
vain thea´re gonna try to last
The sweetness of some loving –
The bitter taste of broken hearts
A lifetime full of riddles – It
seems to show its cards
So many thousands actions – I
think they happen all right now
A tangle of reflections – I´ve
gotta get trough somehow
Pictures all around me…
The doors are gonna open – To
hidden parts of my soul
I´m standing in the middle – Of
a gigantic hall
A theatre of memories –
I stand on stage and get no cue
Cause I`m the only actor – And
I´m the audiense too
Pictures all around me…