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My Style

Komponist/Autor: K.Plisnier

Lyrics: Plisnier K. Music: Plisnier K., publishing by Opus Music Edition

When I have to decide
About things I haven´t yet tried
Gotta choose the ways of my life
While the future´s so unclear

Then an answer to find
I am askin´ my mind
Put my heart and head together
And then I live my Style

Music – is the one thing I need
Lovin´ – that´s for what I bleed
Some better friends – I wanna talk to
Sometimes a beer – to leave all behind me
But most important – is to believe – in myself

When it happens to me
That my mind can´t run free
Cause other people try to steer me
Want me to act their way

Then before the clock strikes twelve
I remember myself
Reflect upon what I really want
And I live on my style

It is often hard