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Komponist/Autor: E.Pfleger

Lyrics:Pfleger E. Muisc:Pfleger E. publishing by Opus Music Edition

There are many days you dream of things
Which you would never tell
Not even one of your best friends
He would only laugh
He can surprise you again and again
In several situations
And make a joke cause you´re one more time
Lost in fantastic dreams

Seemin´ out of reach
Your aim is so high
And to realize it
Is only your thing

In your daydreams you put your hopes so high
In your daydreams you feel so good
In your daydreams you don´t hold your thoughts so tight
In your daydreams you feel so free

When you are young your dreams may come true
If you feel so strong
Cause when you grow older your dreams fade away
You have to give them up quite a lot
But if you ever try to realize
Your own great ambitions
Then you will really carry on your youth
And your fantastic dreams

Seemin´ out reach…