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Mad Man (We`re Gonna Make You Glad)

Komponist/Autor: Opus / K.Plisnier

Lyrics: Plisnier Music: Opus Publishing by Edition Soundmill / Indra

If you´re mad man in the head man we make you forget
and if you´re dead then in the head man we´re gonna make you glad
We control have supervision of all you can hear read and see
radio papers television show you how to think and be
highschool churchhouse supermarket kindergarten factory
teach you how to be a puppet influence you constantly
and we promise you that we will catch your soul
cause we wanna give you total mindcontrol
If you´re mad man…
Don´t get out of order and keep quiet in the crowd
stay inside your borders and never dare to doubt
the future is in our hands if you have confidence
mankind will come to an end we´ll keep you safe
gonna keep you safe within your grave
If you´re mad man..