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We are very proud of this cooperation: SCHICK SISTERS & THE OPUS BAND


Three sisters who have been making music together since their earliest childhood and a band that celebrated the end of their nearly 50-year stage career last year; Christine, Katharina, Veronika, Erich, Ewald, Günter and Kurt were in the studio together recording the song 'Good Or Bad', which will be released on October 28 as the first performance of their collaboration.

"Good Or Bad" audio sample

Green or blue, black or white? In any case, it is something new for everyone involved. Christine, Katharina and Veronika grew up as siblings with "second language music", play all instruments with enchanting naturalness and have let the magic of their common voices grow into a multifaceted cosmos. The color palette is as diverse as it is personal, humorous and intimate - from the musical cabaret of the "Dornrosen" to the singer-songwriting of the Schick Sisters: Until now, the sisters have largely been left to their own devices, both artistically and musically, and have been highly successful at it. 

Kurt Rene Plisnier, Veronika Schicho, Günter Grasmuck, Katharina Schicho, Ewald "Sunny" Pfleger, Christine Schicho & Erich Buchebner

"We have worked together with a band for the first time" - And this with a quite historical, in an extremely special situation; After the three sisters were on stage together with the band at the last two Opus concerts 2021 in the Graz Opera as guest musicians for 'Flying High', the idea of a further collaboration arose. Accordingly, Ewald was to take over the production of some new pieces. However, this quickly turned into more: "It wasn't difficult to get my Opus colleagues excited about a joint studio session with the Schick Sisters," jokes Ewald, who obviously shows little sign of retirement shock. The enthusiasm and passion for music obviously goes beyond the stage end of the Styrian band. 

A basic human and musical understanding has led to the "most relaxed studio time for us so far," explains Katharina, emphasizing that despite a bit of an age difference, there is a natural intersection of a positive outlook on life and a down-to-earth attitude: "We immediately felt understood in our element, and we're thrilled to be working together."

'Good Or Bad', penned by Veronika Schicho, will be released as a single on Sisters Records and can be seen on November 11 at 21h15 in a joint TV presentation on "Vera" on ORF 2.