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What We Gonna Do With You?

Composer/Author: Grass Jewelry/Opus

Lyrics:Grass Jewelry G. Muisc:Opus, published by Opus Music Edition

What we gonna do with
Oh mother
What we gonna do with
Just wait and see
What we gonna do with you
There is no other
You're what we need
What we need we take from
you and use you as a self
service shop
We don't care
But in your way you tell us to
And we still ignore
All your tears, no, no, we want
But the stake we play is high
What we're looking for
Will come to an end, it's not
to restore
And the price we pay is high
What we gonna do with aou...
How much we hurt you we
may know just then, when it's
too late
The disaster
We'll recognize when there's
no more escape
Oh, we need your green, your
water and air, what beautiful scene
That you gave us to survive
As pure as you have been
You do not deserve to be
treated mean
You're still the base for our lif™
What we gonna do with you,
Oh, mother...