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New digital LIVE album released on 07.06.2024

The official farewell to Opus in December 2021 was not to be the last heartbeat in almost five decades of band history. Despite the retirement of singer Herwig Rüdisser, the musical collaboration with the three sisters Katharina, Christine and Veronika Schick has given the group a new impetus and voice, with a particular preference for three-part harmony. 

From the original idea of interpreting the song 'Flyin' High' together for a concert, the desire quickly arose to let the newly discovered sound grow further and to work together on new material: The album "We are One" will be released in September 2023 and is the starting signal for a joint tour, which they are of course happy to record as an educational experience. In addition to the songs from the album, the concerts will also feature new interpretations of some Opus classics, which will not only make the hearts of all the musicians involved soar: Songs such as 'Eleven', 'Walkin' On Air', 'Flyin' High' and also 'Live Is Life' appear in new colors and forms, and above all in a new freedom - as a result of a snapshot taken at the "Heimspiel" concert at the Orpheum in Graz in October 2023.

"Schick Sisters Celebrate Opus" is a live album consisting of five tracks in unabridged length, joy and playfulness plus two radio edits! As a stimulating appetizer, there's an excerpt from 'The Beat Goes On' as a single version, as well as 'Live Is Life - Catch The Spirit 2024', the foretaste of an anthem for the Women's European Handball Championship in winter.


14.06.2024 ORF Studio 2, 17h30 Schick Sisters & Opus Band unplugged as guests

07.07.2024 ORF III, 23:05 Schick Sisters & Opus Band live at Orpheum Graz (68 min)