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OPUS MAGNUM posters & ice cream!


Dear friends,
as you already know, the single "Fake Or True" was released from our OPUS MAGNUM album. Now, through the support of our "Tonight At The Opera"-sponsor "Der Ankünder" with GF Mag. Dieter Weber, we got the opportunity to promote the two final concerts at the opera, the Goodbye Tour and the Opus Magnum album through MAGNUM posters in Graz.

But not only that, but with the return of warm temperatures, of spring, the Opus Magnum has become interesting to bite into and cool down. Here is the proof how good the special Magnum ice cream can taste:-)))

Is this Opus ice cream really available in the next shop? Or is it a special edition - "Fake Or True"?

OPUS MAGNUM Kurt Plisnier Ewald Pfleger Günter Grasmuck Herwig Rüdisser