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New Opus single "Fake Or True


OPUS - "Fake Or True"

What can one believe? What should one believe? What does one want to believe? 

The boundaries seem to be more blurred than ever before... Fake Or True? - Possibly THE crucial question of our time - this is also the title of the new Opus single from their farewell album 'Opus Magnum'. 

It should not be doubted that this will be the band's last studio album, after almost five decades of band history. The farewell tour is planned and shall be truly celebrated together with companions, friends and fans. 

To other questions, however, the answers are probably more ambiguous: 

A recently published photo of the band for the exhibition "Menschenbilder" by Christian Jungwirth, shows the musicians allegedly urinating wildly in public space. The photo was actually not intended for the public, but was selected by the curators of the exhibition. This year's 10th anniversary show will start on March 13 in Graz, at Mariahilfer-Platz, and will then be on display in another 13 Styrian communities until the end of the year. 


What is it supposed to show or say? Is the depiction of a criminal offence morally justifiable, or is the whole thing just staged anyway?  

Is it a fake or is it true?

Sometimes it may be okay to never know the truth....

Opus - "Fake Or True"

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From the final Opus album OPUS MAGNUM

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