"Live Is Life 2008" entered the Dutch charts on place 69!


Stadium choirs are not an English discovery. Almost no one perfects the execution of the combination of Stadium – choir – football as on the island. Almost, that is before a Band from Graz, Austria laid the foundations for the most popular stadium song of all time in 1985, which went from county to national league and became Austria’s most successful rock export.
Just like a wave in the stadium, “Life is Life” from Opus always comes back,  especially when there is a large football tournament.

The song itself was never conceived as a stadium chant. Actually, the composer and Bandleader Ewald Pfleger put his creative genes into the song. Just as parents do with their children. Pfleger’s brother was a professional footballer and he himself is a keen fan of the Graz football club.
“Back then, we recorded “Live is Life” in a small stadium in Burgenland” recalls Pfleger today and “we wanted to catch the atmosphere of a large choir but none of us even thought of football back then”. But the genes were there and the song was wonderfully suited to be sung by lots of people and to get them jumping up and down. “Live is Life” was on its way. Unstoppable.
Partly removed from the band, as Opus was one of these highly musical rock bands of the 80’s with lots of keyboards, cathedral arrangements and well played guitars. In this way Opus developed a well-arranged understanding with the song. “Live is Life” – that’s life and it made the band financially independent and allowed them to go down their own musical path. Great musicians, given their freedom by the superhit.

There are many cover versions of the song, but even these have not managed to touch the success of the original. The reason for this is probably the exotic draw, which the original has.
The Styrian English, singing the word “Lyfe”, which received a sympathetic statement in eulogy at the World Music Award in 1986 from Dionne Warwick…

You can´t say that “Live is Life” is back, as the title was never gone. It is a continued success, which will never disappear. What we have are new versions played by Opus with the valuable support of Jerry (Tim Tim), who adds his vocals to two of the new versions (Reggae and Reggaeton).
At the start of the second half, well, although the band never took a break…
Opus played continuously for 35(!) years. Each year they appear on many international stages where they play their classics like “Eleven” or “Flyin High”, but when “Live is Life” comes on, then the wave starts again, with the wave, the rise and fall of the wave, just as it is when a real hit comes. And just that makes the difference between a Hit and a Hit. One is a temporary thing; “Live is Life” on the other hand is a one off, exotic unique piece of Pop.

 Tracklist - 5"

01 Opus feat. Jerry  -  Live Is Life 2008  04:17
02 Opus  -  Live Is Life 2008  03:38
03 Opus feat. Jerry  -  Live Is Life 2008  03:56
04 Opus  -  Touch The Sky  03:47