Opus – Back to Future


Their name says it all: Opus. To Latin scholars, it is the complete works; in the Austrian book of musical history it is a highly successful Austrian Rock Band, which celebrates its 35th anniversary this year.

The CD “Back to Future” contains much from both of those meanings.
It is, if you like, a compilation of the complete works of the four Styrians; however, it isn’t just a collection of Archive material. That would have been far too simple and would not do 35 years of Rock Music enough justice.
Above all, this CD is the best proof that the band won´t allow itself to be reduced to its Superhit “Live is Life”.
Among the 14 Tracks on this Album there are 5 newly mastered classics. New means that the arrangement has been changed, and that the recording quality has been technically updated. However, and this is really good, the actual roots have not been destroyed and for good reason. Opus still sounds like Opus but for the 21st Century rather than for the 20th.
The Band always made the effort to make sure that the music, sounds and recording quality met the highest standards. They are Champions League rather than second division. Songs such as “Flyin’ High” or “Whiteland” reveal their power and timelessness. Everything that is, that makes great Rock!

In choosing eight of the Songs for this CD we went back into the history of the band and rediscovered titles such as “Radio Is God” or “Walking on Air”.
In addition there are also 3 more Bonus Tracks.
One of these “Live is Life” appears as 2 completely new versions: Reggae and Rock. One hit, a continued success, a song, which has travelled the globe for decades.
As the Band has appeared regularly on stage since they began, the Longplayer is completed by a Live-Track from the Graz Opera House. After all, “Live is Life” was also originally conceived as a live recording. In a Stadium in Burgenland, Austria with 5.000 fans as a mass choir.

Thanks to Opus, Austria is back on the World Map of Rock Music rather than on the outskirts.
The Band pioneered in matters of Eastern Europe at the time when barbed wire still separated the people. Opus is and are a living continuation of this. Each of the Band Members, as well as the band itself. On the surface of it, “Back to the Future” may sound a bit like a comeback, but for a comeback you have to have gone away in the first place. Opus was always there, they continued to play regular concerts worldwide. For that reason, “Back to the Future” should rather be seen as “yesterday and today” that will certainly be followed by a “tomorrow”. Therefore one should not take the title of one of the Bonus tracks, “Bye Bye” too literally. Viewed statistically, there are actually another 35 years ahead .
-Andy Zahradnik-

“Back to Future  - the Ultimate Best of” including 3 completely new Songs and 5 new recordings of Opus classics.

Tracklist - CD
01 Opus feat. Jerry  -  Live Is Life 2008  04:17
02 Opus  -  Flying High  04:09
03 Opus  -  Whiteland  04:45
04 Opus  -  Hold On  03:32
05 Opus  -  The Beat Goes On  03:34
06 Opus  -  Touch The Sky  03:47
07 Opus  -  Gimme Love  03:56
08 Opus  -  Hands In The Air  03:44
09 Opus  -  Walking On Air  05:04
10 Opus  -  Before Life Is Gone  03:59
11 Opus  -  Love Is A Drug  04:41
12 Opus  -  Crazy World  03:39
13 Opus  -  Just For Fun  02:54
14 Opus  -  Radio Is God  03:53
15 Opus  -  Tonight At The Opera  04:30
16 Opus  -  Bye Bye  03:48
17 Opus  -  Live Is Life 2008  03:38

The Band had to say a sad farewell to Bassist Wolfram Abt., He died on 1 February 2008.