Once upon a time there was a song ... and it's story goes on and on: 24 years ago, at the beach of Ibiza, Ewald "Sunny" Pfleger composed a hymn, wich brought him and his friends from Opus around the world:
"Live Is Life".
A star, smashhit and evergreen, fortune and handicap in one.
Since more than 10 years the solo-work of the Opus-composer and -guitarplayer grows up and over the time more and more friends came by for a little help and now it's ready for presentation
- and that will be live!
A comprehensive exchange of friends, artists with the same taste for authentically rockmusic and songs with personality.
The album "Skyland" is a kind of a mosaic, created by Sunny Pfleger, wich pictures moments and visions with one important detail in every song - the smooth tone of his guitar.
The release-concerts will be presented with following guests:
Wolfgang Ambros, Gert Steinbäcker, Gazebo, Hans Theessink, Monika Ballwein, Andie Gabauer, Paul Pfleger – and of course his friends from Opus, and a few more.

Sunny Pfleger & Friends – „Skyland“ SonyBMG Austria, Releasedate: 29. August 2008.
Radiosingle: Sunny Pfleger & Gert Steinbäcker - "Nur Du Allein", Releasedate: 1. August 2008.


Orpheum Graz, Tuesday 02.09.08, 20 Uhr,
Metropol Wien, Wednesday 03.09.08, 20 Uhr

Opening Act: Tom Haydn (Austrian songwriter, living in Nürnberg/Germany)