Having enjoyed a career of almost five decades, we’ve decided that we're going to end the Opus-chapter by the end of 2021. As an Austrian band, we had the privilege to experience incredible success, both nationally and internationally, and we are very proud and thankful to have brought joy to so many people all over the world with our music. Now time has come to say goodbye - a time we would like to celebrate with the release of one last album - our 'OPUS MAGNUM‘ double CD & fanbox will be out November 2020 - plus we want to celebrate with our fans at several live concerts until the end of 2021. After more than 1500 shows, we would like to give our best once again —  until our final concert, taking place on December 21st at the Opera Graz. 

As a first musical farewell, we are going to release the single "Made My Day“ - a song that celebrates the power of a positive view on life and combines the classic Opus sound with a Caribbean flavor - out on August 28, 2020.

"'Made My Day lyric quote:

“Music is my passion but not my whole life 
 but it’s making me and my life whole“

All the best
The Opuspocus Circus