New Opus-Single out on 24th of June 2019



A brand new release plus announcement of a new Opus-Album in 2020 with the working title OPUS MAGNUM.

It is the first release of new material since five years for Opus: “Halfway Done”, a song dealing with the problems of climate change, plus a special rendition of the Austrian National Anthem as it is being performed by the group at the F1- Grand Prix in Spielberg on June 30th 2019 with an audience of around two billion viewers around the globe.

Opuspocus Records 9008798299515

Release “Halfway Done”, June 24th 2019 on iTunes

Release “Halfway Done”, / Austrian National Anthem July 1st 2019 

Video-Release “Halfway Done”, June 26th 2019

Halfway Done

“Everyone's talking 'bout the change
Our planet blue is doin' strange
Kassandra's calling all the time - everywhere
We don't believe, cause we don't care

Let's keep on movin' to support the sun
Keep on grooving - it's just halfway done
Don't let anybody spoil our fun
Halfway done.....“

Quoting a well-known Austropop colleague: “This is a serious protest song that is addressing not only a certain group, but all who feel addressed – including ourselves!”

In addition, however, it is obviously referring to those irresponsible players in our economy and politics, who seem to carelessly celebrate the destruction of our planet by ignoring any kind of alarms and scientific predictions.