SUNNY PFLEGER "Time Flies..."


Dear music friends,

8 years after releasing “Skyland“, my second solo opus "Time Flies“ is born :-)))

I’m sure that some of you know the feeling that the older you get, time also seems to increasingly fly faster and faster….
This is why every minute, hour or any timeframe we can spend happily is more than precious and we really should try to appreciate this!
With this record, I have tried to create music, songs to support this sense of happiness and well-being.

Supported by Ernst Gottschmann (ex Ausseer Hardbradler), we have produced this album with the help of many musicians, friends and special guests: Monika Ballwein, Corry Gass, Inez Griesshofer, Eva Moreno, Kurt Gober, Gert Steinbäcker, Richard Hasiba, Christian Eigner, Stephan Maass, Aaron Thier, Rick Gold, my son Paul, my brother Kurt (bassoon) and of-course my friends and bandmates from Opus!
Here you can hear and get to songs e.g. on Amazon (Prime) or Apple Music:

Also a new video is premiered: „Lost + Found“ feat. Opus + Kurt Pfleger (bassoon) from he new album, in a live version recorded at „Tonight At The Opera 2015“ in Graz!

A lot of fun with my new music!

Ewald „Sunny“ Pfleger