Live is Life

"Live Is Life" - The (complecated) birth of a song that became a classic!

Anyone couldn` t know what would happen when Opus gave a concert in Oberwart / Austria (“where the hell is OBERWART?"). The Band celebrated their 11th anniversary and Opus had this idea of writing a song for their fans where they could sing a long with the music.

Not to mention that the song had to be recorded twice ( because the recording tape was not long enough they needed to play the song at the end of the show again to capture the whole music and so 5000 people were stimulated to go along and to respond to the song) the entire pop world was surprised by the incredible quality of that live song.

At that point there didn` t exist probably any song which had so much of a live atmosphere where you could hear and feel the crowd singing and clapping. 

According to that the audience really appreciated that: First it hit the charts in Austria, Netherlands, Germany, France, Scandinavia, Italy, Spain..., and then in the UK.
After being weeks at the top of the charts (20 times number one) in Europe the title was released in the USA, Canada, Latin-America and eventually on all continents.

The song is best-known from Japan to Fireland, from the African jungle (playing the song on an antique radio) to Sibiria from the Maledives (“Oh yes, I know it comes from the  Bronx, New York") to China.

Opus so far has sold about 15 Million singles and 2 Million albums . You can also find “Live Is Life" on countless compilations which appear every year.

There are more than 30 different cover versions in several languages and music styles  but none of them has the intensity and the feeling of the original.
“Live Is Life" has still “something" that people moves. Maybe it is just a question of time till someone comes up with an ultimate and opportune new version.

Since the beginning of 1998 the publishing rights of “Live Is Life" belong to OPUS MUSIC PUBLISHING. OPUS has also a new original recording of “Live Is Life". If you have any questions about the rights, please

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