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Text: Tonight At The Opera


Lyrics: Pfleger E. Music:Opus, published by Opus Music Edition

I canīt say I love you
When my love isnīt true
Canīt say everything is bright
And the Danube is blue
I canīt sleep in your arms
Donīt need all your charmes
Sometimes when the evening comes
I wanna see you again

Tonight at the opera
Iīm dancing in the streets
Join the dancers and romancers
allnight long
Tonight at the opera
Iīm walzing to the beat
Dancing a night at the opera to
your heartbeat

I canīt say that I try
To live under your sky
Canīt say Iīll come back to you
Not even then when I die
I canīt say that I swear
Stop breathing your air
One night every now and then
Iīll come back again

Tonight at the opera...

When the night is gone with
the morning sun
Iīm blinded by that shine
I know you canīt sacrifice your pride
Like a Valentine
And there is one thing on my mind
Our love comes to an end
You will find no need to understand

Tonight at the opera - No no, no
no, no no no no
Tonight at the opera - No no,
Tastes so bittersweet - No no
Dancing a night at the opera to
your heartbeat

Tonight at the opera...

Komponist/Autor: Pfleger/Opus