Text: Not The Way


Lyrics: PlisnierK. Music: Plisnier K., publishing by Opus Music Edition

Jonathan was a guy of sixteen years a little more
When he had his first affair which encouraged him to
Time stood still for both of them, they seemed to be
as one
And life was love and love was life, no problems -
only fun
But one day he felt that something was goinī the wrong
Always when he liked to move she wanted him to stay
And the longer that it lasted, the less he kept feelinī nice
She suppressed his individuality and he began to
That she was - not the way - that he wanted her to be
Havinī found another lover he forgot to see
That - though they really liked each other - time was cruel again
And dullness crept in and took a hold of both of them
This time arrogance and convience made Jonathan
He was too certain of herdevotion so he didnīt wanna
see before
That she perceived reality and put it to an end
Yet he was - not the way - that she wanted him to be
Jonathan found out from this and he began to see
should love exist it only can if one can yet stay free
Donīt try to change your loverīs mind - maybe heīll
change himself
Youīd better accept him as a whole and trust in what I say:
Lovers are - not the way - that they want each other to be

Komponist/Autor: K.Plisnier