Text: Go On Your Way


Lyrics:Pfleger E. Music:Pfleger E., publishing by Indra/Soundmill Vienna

Go on your way - donīt listen what the people say
Go on your way - donīt fear that you later have to pay
Go on your way - but you are wrong in believeinī zhatīs
an easy way

For many young men is the material world
More than selfrealization
They have made a great mistake
To recognize it is at least only one step to begin with
The next step is just like a wall
The chance to climb over is very small

You seek the truth in whaat youīre doinī
Maybe you have to wait a long time
Many times you think that you may get it
And you will reach it if you donīt resign

Go on your way...

Which reason against it there ever are
You need power for your way
Be strong because it isnīt far
The day you will see the way
Andall the reason that decide your line
Only you can tell which they are
And for the things that make your life worth while
The will be worth it in the end

If you found the fun in what youīre doinī
I hope your luck will last a long time
Cause many times you only think that youīve got it
And if you canīt keep it - donīt resign!

Go on your way...
( And you are right in believinī itīs the only way!)

Komponist/Autor: E.Pfleger