Günter Grasmuck


Born on 21. of july 1957 in Fürstenfeld (Austria).
Education at the University of Music and Art in Graz.
Since 1974 member of Opus.
Studiomusician on several austrian musicproductions like EAV and STS.
Live drummer with Toni O`Malley (GB).
Since 1990 member of STUDIO PERCUSSION graz.
Numerous CD-productions, concerts at home and abroad like:
 World Drum Festival Seoul 2000
 Vienna International Percussion Festival 2001
 Ars Electronica Linz 2003
 Journees de la Percussion Paris, 2003
 Berliner Festspiele 2004, Tours in Turkey and Greece.
 Drummer with local Clubbands like THE RUSTY NAILS, BELLVANA,
Since 1992 teacher at the STUDIO PERCUSSION graz Schlagzeugschule.
1995 teacher at the Musik u. Kunstschule Deutschlandsberg.
1998–2001 lectureship at the BACH PERCUSSION SEMINAR in Groznjan(HR).
2003 u. 2004 teacher at the Rockworkshop Bildein (Südburgenland).